My job as your mortgage agent is to source the best mortgage product form the best lender for YOUR situation and financial goals. I get paid by the banks, my services to you are FREE and together WE decide which bank or mortgage lender we will work with to obtain your mortgage. I deal with the major banks as well as financial companies that specialize in residential mortgages. Together we will find the best product with the lowest rate for your needs.

Because I am a licensed mortgage agent with FSCO (Financial Services Commission of Ontario) you can be assured that my services to you are completely unbiased. There are many legal requirements that I must comply with and one of the most important to you is that I must always act in the best interest of the borrower (you), not the lender or myself, when selecting the best mortgage product for you.

You may reach Margie’s office at:  (416) 616-1853

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Margie is a licensed mortgage agent (FSCO Lic #M15000464) with mortgage brokerage Mortgage Allies (FSCO Lic #12358)